RubyConf AU
11 - 12 APRIL 2024


  • Caitlin Donaldson

    Caitlin Donaldson

    Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead - HotDoc

    Caitlin is a Brisbane-based engineer, who has been working at HotDoc for the past 4 years, helping to make health care more accessible for all Australians. She is a career-changer who previously worked as a park ranger, a maths and science teacher and even joined a science circus for a year. Caitlin is a hobby-addict, and will usually have a new obsession every month or so, but has recently settled into the software-engineer-approved pastimes of bouldering and DnD.

    • Talk: Conference Welcome
  • Toby Nieboer

    Toby Nieboer


    Toby is a former president of Ruby Australia and a technical recruiter at Skutopia. He enjoys hiking, climbing, road trips, playing Werewolf, and carbs.

    • Talk: Conference Welcome
  • Hiroshi Shibata

    Hiroshi Shibata

    ANDPAD, Inc. Technical Fellow

    OSS programmer, Ruby committer, maintainer of many OSS such as ruby, rubygems, bundler, rake and administrator of ruby-lang.org. He maintains the infrastructure that supports the development of the Ruby programming language. He is working in ANDPAD Inc. and full time OSS developer for the Ruby programming language.

    • Talk: Long journey of Ruby standard library
  • Ryan Bigg

    Ryan Bigg

    Lead Platform Developer / Writer of Books

    Ryan has been doing Ruby for 20 years and loving it. He works remotely from Regional Victoria leading a team of developers to wrangle payment systems and frontend code. He has written several books on Ruby and Rails, and even some on Elixir.

    • Talk: Magic is Ruby, Ruby is Magic!
  • Dmitry Sadovnikov

    Dmitry Sadovnikov

    Senior Software Engineer

    After an enriching journey growing up in Moscow, Dmitry found my new home in Melbourne, Australia, since 2021. He currently holds the position of Senior Software Developer at Seek and is actively developing Certsy. As a full-stack developer, he utilise various technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, React, and AWS. His career path has led him through diverse sectors, including banking, cryptocurrency wallets, investment firms, advertising platforms and proudly co-founded AI applications.

    • Talk: Scaling Ruby Applications: Challenges, Solutions and Best Practices
  • Georgina Robilliard

    Georgina Robilliard


    Georgina has been working with people in the technology industry for a decade. For half of that time, she’s been leading remote-first organisations to improve the experience that people have at work. She firmly believes that people feel good at work when they do good work, and collaboration is key to business success today. Human psychology and sociology fascinate her. She is also a dog and cheese enthusiast. Georgina runs Playgrounded with her co-founder Stefan Bramble - a training consultancy that helps companies collaborate effectively. We bring systems psychodynamic theories and practices to the workplace and use play to increase engagement.

    • Talk: What I learned from a clown about growing an effective engineering culture
  • Stefan Bramble

    Stefan Bramble


    Stefan is a clown, teacher, facilitator, youth worker, actor, consultant and coach with a Masters in Systems Psychodynamics (a fancy phrase that means the study of groups and their weirdness). Stefan is interested in the science of how people learn and is passionate about exploring the psychology behind creating spaces where people can fully integrate knowledge and build trusting relationships in work and life. He is also passionate about ice cream and the virtues of a good onesie. Stefan runs Playgrounded with his co-founder Georgina Robilliard - a training consultancy that helps companies collaborate effectively. We bring systems psychodynamic theories and practices to the workplace and use play to increase engagement.

    • Talk: What I learned from a clown about growing an effective engineering culture
  • Mandy Michael

    Mandy Michael

    Staff Software Engineer at Hireup Australia, Speaker, Mentor, Front End Developer, GDE, Microsoft Regional Director

    Mandy is a multiple award-winning Front End Developer, previously Engineering Manager for the news organisation Seven West Media in Western Australia, she now works as a Staff Software Engineer at Hireup. She speaks at conferences and events locally and internationally sharing her work and experiments with new and old technology. Mandy is an avid supporter of local communities and a strong advocate for women in technology, volunteering at events across Australia. She is the Founder and Organiser of Fenders a local Perth meetup for Front End Developers, previously Director of Mixin Conf, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Microsoft Regional Director and in its inaugural year, in 2018, was named one of the Top 20 Women in Tech in Western Australia.

    • Talk: Advanced HTML for Performance & Accessibility
  • Mu-Fan Teng

    Mu-Fan Teng

    Chief organizer of RubyConf Taiwan and CEO of 5xRuby CO., LTD

    A Rubyist and evangelist in Taiwan, organize most Ruby events in Taiwan like RailsGirls Taipei, RubyConf Taiwan. Used to be a Visual Basic programmer until meet Ruby and Rails from 2007.

    • Talk: Reconstructing Taiwan’s Internet-Based Party Politics
  • Elle Meredith

    Elle Meredith

    Consultant at Blackmill Consulting

    Elle is a back-end engineer with more than 15 years of consulting experience, leading projects and teams for many technology organisations. Elle believes in strong communities that embody respect, understanding and inclusiveness to drive positive culture and growth. She has a passion for helping people learn to work better. She recently completed Psychology for Business and Management at Curtin University, learning new ways to help people improve how they work.

    • Talk: Exploring Rails anti-patterns
  • Prakriti Mateti

    Prakriti Mateti

    Director of Engineering

    Prakriti Mateti is a Director of Engineering. She cares deeply about diversity, inclusion, and equity in tech, code quality, engineering culture, and what makes teams work well together. Prakriti loves travelling and food, experimenting with different cuisines and cultures. She likes to read, conduct workshops, present talks, jumps off a plane or high building occasionally, and dreams of getting a pilot license some day and buying her own airplane (if she can overcome her Netflix addiction).

    • Talk: One does not simply... rebuild a product
  • Ishani Trivedi

    Ishani Trivedi

    RoR Developer @ Josh Software Pvt Ltd.

    Polyglot programmer with a strong command on Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, NestJS, and skilled in DevOps tools like Docker and various AWS services for creating and deploying applications. I handle both SQL and NoSQL databases effectively. With over three years of experience, she's built successful applications in domains like InsurTech, Fitness, E-commerce, On-Demand services, and more using Rails and NodeJS.

    • Talk: Concurrency Showdown: Threads vs. Fibers
  • Vishwajeetsingh Desurkar

    Vishwajeetsingh Desurkar

    Principal Engineer at SimplySmart Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Thrive in the realms of Ruby on Rails and IoT, crafting innovative solutions that shape the future. With 3+ years at Josh Software Inc and SimplySmart Technologies Pvt Ltd. I’ve honed my full-stack skills in Ruby on Rails and Reactjs. Beyond coding, he loves connecting with the tech community and his heart beats for Linkin Park! 🎶🎸

    • Talk: Concurrency Showdown: Threads vs. Fibers
  • Charles Nutter

    Charles Nutter

    The JRuby Guy

    Charles works on JVM and JVM languages at Red Hat.

    • Talk: Ruby on the Modern JVM with JRuby
  • Bronwen Zande

    Bronwen Zande

    Director - Soul Solutions

    Bronwen is a developer based in Brisbane who likes to play with new technology. She is an organiser of DDD Brisbane, a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, WTM Ambassador, Coralus (formally SheEO) activator and wildlife carer who loves to travel the world and take photos.

    • Talk: Data Unleashed: A Developer's Perspective on Navigating the Architecture Maze
  • Chris Oliver

    Chris Oliver

    Owner of GoRails

    Chris is a Rails Luminary, entrepreneur and content creator. He makes weekly Ruby on Rails screencasts at GoRails.com, a Ruby on Rails SaaS template called Jumpstart Pro and a hosting service called Hatchbox.io.

    • Talk: Mapping Concepts Into Code
  • Kieran Andrews

    Kieran Andrews

    Lead Software Engineer at Chargefox

    Kieran Andrews is a seasoned software developer with extensive experience in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. As Lead Software Engineer at Chargefox and previously a Senior Engineer at Envato, he has excelled in developing software solutions and enhancing web ecosystems. Additionally, he has made notable contributions to the Ruby community, co-authoring "Active Rails" and actively participating in Ruby Australia, including organising a Rails Camp in Adelaide during a pandemic.

    • Talk: Junior Gems: Hiring, Valuing, and Empowering the Next Wave of Ruby Developers
  • Tash Postolovski

    Tash Postolovski

    Founder at GoodTeams.app

    Tash is a former software engineer turned founder of GoodTeams.app, which helps software engineers discover teams that are a good fit for them. As a software engineer, Tash's most memorable project was writing a Ruby app to automatically count thousands of mosquito eggs for the World Mosquito Program.

    • Talk: A Software Developer's Guide to Launching Your Own Product
  • Andrey Nᴏᴠɪᴋᴏᴠ

    Andrey Nᴏᴠɪᴋᴏᴠ

    Backend Engineer at Evil Martians

    Web developer with a passion for building and deploying solid Ruby applications that, you know, actually work in production. Andrey loves to use and build open source software: has authored multiple Ruby gems, tutorials and examples, a contributor to various libraries and tools, and a speaker and habitue of Ruby conferences. Lives in Osaka, Japan with family and enjoying riding a moped.

    • Talk: Threads, callbacks, and execution context in Ruby
  • Bianca Power

    Bianca Power

    Web Developer at Macuject

    Bianca (they/them) is a full stack web dev working at Macuject. They are a lover of all things Ruby and Rails, and spend their spare time learning new things for fun.

    • Talk: Retinas on Rails! - Eye spy with my little eye Macuject and our Majestic Monolith
  • Bradley Beddoes

    Bradley Beddoes

    Chief Technology Officer - Macuject

    I'm an innovative technical leader with deep experience in strategy, web application development, automation, cybersecurity, identity management, cloud and people leadership. I enjoy learning new things, solving complex problems, working with great people, and having fun along the way!

    • Talk: Retinas on Rails! - Eye spy with my little eye Macuject and our Majestic Monolith
  • KJ Tsanaktsidis

    KJ Tsanaktsidis

    Ruby committer and Senior Staff Engineer at Zendesk

    Based in Melbourne, KJ works on Zendesk's Rails monolith team and is a member of the Ruby core committers team. At work, he delights in chasing bugs all the way down into the deep abyss from whence they came; at home, he enjoys cooking and far too much coffee.

    • Talk: Scaling Redis writes with cluster mode
  • Maple Ong

    Maple Ong

    Gusto, Software Engineer

    Maple grew up in Malaysia and now resides in NYC. She currently works on the Product Infrastructure team at Gusto and previously on the Ruby & Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify. Maple enjoys learning about computer systems and how programming languages are implemented. Outside of work, you’ll likely find her running, sipping on gin-based cocktails, or walking with the goal of getting 12,000 daily steps.

    • Talk: Lessons From A Rails Infrastructure Team
  • Kane Hooper

    Kane Hooper

    reinteractive, CEO

    Kane began his coding career at 8 years of age coding in Basic on a Vic20 console. Since then he has worked with Java, C++, Javascript and Ruby. His current focus is on the use of Ruby to build AI applications that have real world use and application. He is the CEO of reinteractive, a specialist Ruby on Rails development firm.

    • Talk: Giving my wife a voice with Ruby and AI cloning (+ discussion on the AI and Ruby landscape)


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